How do I get a quote?

Contact our customer service department and a member of our team will discuss your needs and provide a quote for your project. They can be reached at 800.558.9620, or via email at sales@olympusgrp.com.

 What is G7?

Olympus Group is G7 certified.  G7® is an industry-leading set of specifications for achieving  visual similarity across all print processes.

  • G7® is both a definition of gray-scale appearance, and a calibration method for adjusting any CMYK imaging device to simulate the G7 gray-scale definition.
  • G7 yields a visual match between different imaging systems using simple 1-dimensional curves, and enables shared appearance between different printing devices or specifications when additional color management is not available.


To learn more click here.


 How should I prep my artwork?

We support a number of different file types and formats. Please see our Guidelines for Customer Supplied Art for complete instructions. Art Guidelines

 How do I upload my artwork?

Depending on your file size, artwork can either be sent via email or uploaded here.  Contact your sales representative to answer any questions.

 What is your lead-time?

Our lead time can vary greatly from one project to the next, depending on how complicated it is. Your sales representative can give you a specific lead-time based on your project.  Have a specific deadline? We will do our best to ensure your project is received on budget and on time.

 Can you match prints to a specific color?

Yes we can!  If your design has PMS colors in it, we can color match (as close as possible) to those colors when requested.  If the files are CMYK we will print the file as is.  Color matching to laser printouts can require more time and could incur additional art charges.

 What if my project doesn't fit one of your standard products?

Because we have so many options for fabrics, printing, and finishing, we can customize any project to fit your needs.  Several of the photos seen throughout this website are examples of projects that were custom designed and fabricated based on specific needs.   Feel free to contact our customer service team and they will ask questions to determine the best options for your next custom project.

 How do I place an order?

The best, most efficient way to place an order is to submit your requests directly to one of our Sales Representatives or via the sales@olympusgrp.com email address and a salesperson will follow up to confirm with you.

 How to find art template files and associated product spec sheets?

We have a Resources page where you can download art template files, accounting forms, product spec sheets, and even our catalog. Once on the page simply check the category box on your left or un-check to display all available files.

If you don't notice the file you're looking for please contact your Sales Representative or call us at (800) 558-9620.

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